The Top SEO Trends In 2018

The digital world is rapidly changing with new and latest technologies hitting shores in the tech world daily. To cope up with this we have to be well prepared and Wonder Pillars is here to help E-commerce community. We have our services extending to developments like Voice search, Page speed, Featured snippets, Shift to mobile, Personalized update, Knowledge graph, Videos, Social media signals, Image optimization and User experience. Internet marketing is our core skill unit. We hold fast to give ‘tailor-made results’ to our users. So here’s counting down the top trends of SEO forecasted for the year 2018:

  1. Voice search

The trend of voice search was started with Siri’s appearance in Apple’s iPhone 4s in 2011. It leads to the individuals discussing the up and coming age of internet search technology the voice search. Many other voice searches like google assistant, amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby and Microsoft Cortana have been added to this list which has revolutionized the way a normal human search on the web. Wonder Pillars is also involved and is currently working on the voice search technology for their esteemed users. With voice search, you simply can tell the search engine your requirements and queries instead of thinking about it for quite some time and then searching for it.

With voice search your find your answers quickly and the voice search engine will converse the answers with you in voice and writing. Voice search activated IoT devices like voice-activated speakers google home and amazon echo thrive on the voice search technology.

  1. Page speed

In the present quick paced, on-demand society, individuals need things, including data as soon as possible. Nothing is more baffling than tapping on a site that seems to answer your inquiry precisely, just to need to sit tight for the page to load. If the page doesn’t load in 5 seconds, you’re off onto another site that can ideally give you the appropriate responses you require. Individuals don’t care for slow website pages. If your page is slow, your site movement will endure. Page speed is a user experience feature that is normal for all sites. Wonder Pillars and its team works hard so that your website can have better page speed and it loads easily on any search engine. This leads to increase in customer visits to your particular site.

To perceive how the speed of your site loads up, you can take Google’s Page Speed Insights. In 2018, we will see significantly more prominence on Page speed.

  1. Featured snippets

A Featured Snippet is appeared in some search engine research pages (SERPs), more often than not when an inquiry-based question is being searched for. The snippet shows content from inside one of the pages positioning on page one that simply answers the inquiry searched for without the user visiting the actual page. The Featured Snippet is the box that appears at the top of the search results that shows the immediate directions or the important points pulled from the top website page. You may have heard these alluded to as ‘answer boxes’ before.

In the course of the most recent couple of years, we’ve seen a surprising development of featured snippets showed in search results over all devices. Today almost 30% of all search inquiries on Google have instant answers in the form of featured snippets. Seeing this trend Wonder Pillars have started working on the featured snippets which help our user’s website to come up on top the Google search results.

  1. Shift to mobile

We are most likely just months from Google’s take off of the mobile first index. This means that Google will now start ranking pages on the mobile version of a particular webpage. To this date, Google has been assessing a site’s importance to the user on the basis of a desktop webpage. Be that as it may, as mobile searches today represent over 60% of total searches, this rankling system has turned out to be old and consequently the move to the mobile first index.

It’s most likely one of the greatest algorithmic changes in Google’s history that may flip around page rankings. Thus, SEO companies have progressively embraced accelerated mobile pages to enhance the user experience for mobile web pages from page load time to navigation, data engineering, and design. It is never again discretionary to have a mobile friendly site. It is currently required and expected by the search engines and the users.

  1. Personalized update

A long time back, everybody saw the very same search results. Today, nobody sees the very same search results not on Google, not on Bing. Everybody gets a personalized experience to some degree, even in private search windows. Obviously, there’s still a ton of commonality. It isn’t so much that everybody sees totally different results. Rather, everybody sees a large number of the same “generic” listings. However, there will likewise be a few listings showing up in view of where somebody is, who they know or how they surf the web.

Wonder Pillars likewise works on the personalized update for the user. One of the most effortless personalization ranking factors to comprehend is that individuals are shown results pertinent to the country they’re in. Somebody in the US searching “football” will get results about American football while somebody in the UK will get results about the kind of football that Americans would call soccer.

  1. Knowledge graph

Google Knowledge Graph is a system that was launched in May 2012. Google’s “Knowledge Graph” is a new technology that is being utilized to give popular facts about people, places and things alongside Google’s traditional results. It additionally enables Google to push toward another way of searching not for pages that match question terms but rather for entities or concepts that the words depict.

Knowledge Graph is a specialized term used to depict how an arrangement of objects is associated. Google has utilized a “link graph” to show how pages connect to each other, to help figure out which are prevalent and significant for specific searches. Facebook has utilized a “social graph” to see how individuals are connected. “Knowledge Graph” is Google’s term for how it is building connections between various individuals, places, and things and report facts about these entities. Wonder Pillars works on the Google knowledge graph concept to provide better results to the users.

  1. Videos

Video content has increased rapidly over the past few years. A video is everywhere and it is a gift particularly in case you’re attempting to emerge from whatever is left of the group at the top point of web search engine results pages. You can consider the accompanying Wonder Pillars for some video SEO tips to help put you in front of the competitor.

As normal as it might sound, your content ought to be applicable to your group of people, including the value that will persuade the users to commit the correct time to watch your video. The greater quality video, the greater the odds to fill in as an expert, form a trusting association with your group of people and increment the changes. There are various approaches to apply search optimization for your video content however everything goes to quality as the beginning stage of your technique. It’s the genuine content that will get the audience’s attention.

  1. Social media signals

No one could have thought about what social media would move toward becoming in such a short amount of time. About 10 years after the fact and Facebook is nothing short than a web-based social networking superpower. Instagram has developed from zero to more than 700 million users in the time period of only seven years.

It is safe to state that everything is altogether different now, and as the social media scene changes so too do its association with search engines and SEO practices. Wonder Pillars for more than a decade involved in social media marketing which has created some excellent results for the user in the market. Keeping in mind that we over search, organizations can profit by income created specifically from social media paying little respect to its effect on search rankings. Social media efforts ought to be centered essentially on creating their own brand with SEO considerations as a secondary thought.

  1. Image optimization

When you optimize an image, make it as little as conceivable – as far as download size by utilizing the correct image compression. A well-optimized image additionally has the correct name and alt text so it’s enhanced for search engines as well.

  1. User experience

User expectations and requests for search are developing no matter how you search at it. Today users need instant answers for their issues regardless of the device they are utilizing. Google’s researchers have demonstrated that sites that load longer than three seconds lose around 40% of guests. As it were, the primary concern of your business relies upon seconds.

Are you considering employing an SEO organization? Have you considered connecting with an SEO proficient, yet aren’t sure however they can truly convey to your business? Provided that this is true, you’re presumably pondering what sort of advantages there are to working with an SEO organization, rather than taking care of your search engine optimization in-house.


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