Internet Marketing

A very few things in today’s world happens offline. Whether it’s buying clothes, doing groceries, paying bills, depositing money, every single thing is online. It is safe to say thus, that the youth of this generation lives online. Hence, regardless of the size of their business majority of businessmen are willing to practice internet marketing because they know that that is an assured way of reaching maximum people even if the investment is less. The investment for internet marketing might be less but the turnover is huge, and thus entrepreneurs know that the easiest way these days to spread a lot of awareness and get their work out there fast is via internet marketing.


What does it mean?

Internet marketing is basically the process of spreading word about a particular brand or product or service throughout the internet. It can be done via email, online advertisement or any other promotional activity that occurs via wireless media. So, all the advertisement one sees all over popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, the ads that pop up right before a youtube video they are all part of internet marketing. And these ads are spread all over the internet for a better scope of spreading more and more awareness all over the globe.


Internet marketing is a way via which maximum people are reached in minimum time. At a time thousands of people are logged into one site and thus if that site has one ad then that ad is not viewed by one person but all the people who are on that particular site. In the process of offline marketing there are chances that if a person is not very fond of reading the newspaper or watching TV or even listening to the radio then they might miss out on all the advertisements. But the chances of that happening is very low when it comes to internet marketing because these days people of all ages a can be easily found on the internet.


Internet marketing is one term, but it can be easily divided into various other types to make the understanding of it a little easier.

  • Affiliate marketing – Under this type of marketing the owner of the business spreads out its branches to various other website sellers so that their product reaches more people than it would have if it had just stayed on their site. The website is then paid according to the number of sales made by the website for that particular brand or business. This type of internet marketing is very common and also widely used.
  • Display advertising – another type of advertising that is very common and also easily visible everywhere. Under this type of advertisement banners of a particular product or brand is put up on display over various other sites, mostly the popular ones, as well as the search engines in turn creating awareness as well as boosting the traffic for their own product. This form of advertising is very commonly seen on social media websites and also popular search engines like Google.
  • Email marketing – This is the type of internet marketing under which awareness is created by a particular product or service or brand via email. You must have received a lot of emails regarding a particular product which you are asked to buy or a service which you are asked to join. They are the best examples of email marketing. You can reach out to a lot of customers at once.
  • Inbound Marketing – This involves selling or sharing valuable content with your potential customers so that they change from being your potential customers to your actual customers and they stay that way. This can be done using email to send them special gifts or offers that are just for them or via publishing a business blog.
  • Search Engine Marketing – as the name suggests, this involves paid promotion all over popular search engines to make sure a particular ad reaches a lot of people at a short amount of time. The ads usually appear on search engine result pages and the amount of clicks always depend on how attractive the advertisement actually is.
  • Social Media Marketing – similar to search engine marketing social media marketing also involves paid promotion via ads of a particular brand or product but instead of the ads being all over a search engine they are found all over social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which have millions and millions of people logged in at one time. Thus, ensuring a lot of traffic towards the concerned brand or product.

So many types but how does one know which one to apply? Leave that work to Wonder Pillar and let them handle everything related to internet marketing that you do not understand.

Need for Internet marketing!!!

The biggest need for internet marketing is to gain a lot of attention towards a concerned brand or product in a small amount of time. And only the internet has the ability to connect to so many people and reach out to so many people at such a short amount of time. Thus internet banking is an efficient way of earning ten times more than your initial investment. And with Wonder Pillar by your side be sure that you will achieve that sooner than later.