Pay-Per-Click advertising is the new form of advertisement that has come up because of which companies or sponsors can earn a profit on the basis of the amount of times an ad displayed is clicked on. Pay-Per-Click ads are very common these days and can be seen on various online sites. They mostly are well spread over well known and most visited sites like Google. But nowadays they have spread over social media as well and can be found all over sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well. But the most common place for these PPC ads is Youtube, wherein ads are shown on the basis on keywords that are searched by the users.


How Does It Work?

The construction of a PPC advertisement is not as easy as it sounds. Thus, it is not a bad idea to include some professional help, Wonder Pillar technologies pvt ltd. Who have been in the business of the web for more than five years will definitely be able to help you with all the queries you may have with understanding the Pay-Per Click concept. There are a lot of factors that work behind a PPC advertisement so that the sponsor or the client can actually earn some money out of it. The amount that Pay-Per-Click makes is determined by dividing the total advertising cost by the number of times the ad has been clicked on. Thus determining how much money each click has made and whether or not the client was able to make a profit. The formula for such is simple:

Pay-Per-Click = Advertising Cost/ Ads clicked

What is the purpose of PPC?

The most important purpose of Pay-Per-Click advertising is increasing the profitability of internet marketing. The internet market may be huge but earning on it is not as easy as it sounds unless and until one applies PPC advertisement on their business. The pay-per-click advertisements are a way to assess attention and interests of the customers. It is also a way to assess whether or not the ad was shown in an interesting way, it is the judge of whether or not the customer was attracted to the ad and at the same time it is also the judge of the fact of which kind of products are wanted by the potential customers. They will only click on the ads that will interest them and thus once the client gets to know about that they can easily focus on that more and give exposure to that particular product or service more to reel in more and more customers.

Pay-Per-Click also determines the proper placement of an ad. An ad will be clicked more if it is placed on a site where there is already more traffic. Thus, if an ad on a particular site is not being clicked on a lot of times then that means that the placement of that particular ad is wrong. An ad should also be in respect to the site and the kind of audience that visits the site. It is thus very important to know one’s audience. Wonder Pillar will help you, without a doubt to achieve all of these purposes.

The Different Types Of PPC

PPC generally has two basic models, the Flat-rate PPC and the Bid-based PPC.

  • Flat-rate PPC – As the name suggests under this model, the advertisers fix an amount between themselves, a proper amount and a contract is signed. The advertiser then gets that particular amount every time his ad is clicked on by visitors on various sites. The advertisers can choose an amount based on the type of site it is. For example if one site is frequented by a lot of people, if it is a popular site then the ads being placed there will have a higher value as compared to an ad that is being placed on a lesser popular site. The advertisers also have the liberty to negotiate. This model is the most commonly used model when it comes to PPC because it is hassle free and simple as well as easier to understand as compared to the Bid-based model.
  • Bid-based PPC – This model is similar to how an auction takes place. A person bids on a particular product and at the end if his bid is the highest then he wins. The only difference here is that the advertisers mention the highest amount that they are willing to spend from beforehand and when the auction is going on if there isn’t anyone else who had bid as much as the particular advertiser then he gets the amount for that particular advertisement. But the reason why this model is not as popular as the other one is because it is much more difficult to understand than the flat-rate model. As the bid mostly happens online it is difficult to determine who exactly has placed the bet and who exactly has won if the more than one person had put in the same winning amount. But nowadays better technology has come up to make this situation better and to solve this issue.

Thus, pay-per-click is a very effective way of making money and as the entire world is becoming digitalised the pay-per-click advertising services offered by Wonder Pillar is starting to become the number one choice of advertisers all around the world.